Customer Pick-Up Advice

Warehouse Location & Opening Hours

Address: 24 Cox Place, Glendenning NSW 2761

Phone: +61 (2) 9625-6993

Customer pick-up hours: 9:00am – 3:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Please note that there are no pick-ups on Thursday nights, weekends or Public Holidays.  Please also note that any purchases made after 2:30pm cannot be collected until the next day the warehouse is open.

All customer pick-ups must be paid for in full before they can be collected.  Final payments can only be made at the Auburn or Artarmon stores – no payments can be accepted at the warehouse.


Customer Pick-Up Terms & Conditions

By Dezign offers a complete delivery service & all terms & conditions of that service are printed on the reverse side of your Sales Order.  Because you have elected to pick up the goods yourself, you have become your “own carrier”.  As such, we need to highlight your responsibilities & you must understand & agree to these. 

    1. You must check that the goods selected match your sales order or point-of-sale receipt.  You must inspect the goods & sign that they are in good order & condition.  (In the case of ready to assemble goods in cartons, you have 3 days to report any damage or missing parts).
    2. You must secure your load in a safe & secure manner so as not to damage the goods or any property.  Please remember that all loads should be tied down to prevent personal injury inside your vehicle in case of sudden breaking.
    3. You must not overload your vehicle or oversize the load.  These requirements are outlined by the NSW Roads & Maritime Services.
    4. In loading your vehicle as an “own carrier” you must take full responsibility for the loading, as By Dezign cannot be held responsible for any injury to customers, damage to your goods or to your vehicle.  Our staff will assist with loading unless they consider there is a possibility of injury or damage.  If this is the case, Occupational Health & Safety & insurance requirements specify that although customers may load their vehicle by themselves, staff may not assist.
    5. You must exit the building through the nominated exit point.
    6. Any damage caused to the warehouse will be at your own expense.
    7. In the case of wet conditions you should make arrangements for water protection.
    8. Where loads need securing, you must provide your own straps or ropes.
    9. Safety is important both for your own self & others in our warehouse areas.  Therefore no customers are allowed in the warehouse or storeroom areas.